Writing assignment!! All instructions will be posted below!! Need it in 12hrs or less


Write a 750 word minimum APA-formatted essay analyzing Seth Davis’ Sports Illustrated article Should College Athletes Be Paid? Why, They Already Are (Links to an external site.).

Following the guidelines on page 7 of the textbook, go through the process of evaluation by:

  1. Judging the article’s credibility
  2. Putting the article in a larger context
  3. Evaluating the reasoning and support
  4. Reflecting on how the reading challenges you.  Be aware of your bias!

Review this sample APA document to help you with formatting.  Your paper should have a title page, headers, in-text citations (when referring to the article), and a reference page with a full citation of the article. 

Assignment Submission

  • Upload your essay as a Microsoft Word document.

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