write a paper in APA 6th style

Write a paper in APA 6th style (needs to pass turnitin screening):

Company selected:  Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz’s parent company) 


1. one (1) page describing ‘Daimler AG’ (Mercedes-Benz’s parent company) company’s, (a) organizational  structure, (b) the product or products manufactured, (c) their societal impact or ethical issues they have encountered, and (d) the markets it serves.

2. Identify the method of calculating manufacturing cost for the company ‘Daimler AG’ (or Mercedes-Benz) 

3. Determine if the cost method the company has chosen is most appropriate and explain three (3) reasons why the method is appropriate. Or If you decide the cost method the company has chosen is not appropriate,  write a recommendation as if you are sending it to the company for real and discuss three (3) reasons to support your recommendation

4. Suppose the company is planning to launch a new product. The target profit for this new product  is roughly 1/12 the entire company’s most recently reported annual  profit (before taxes). The fixed cost for the new product is estimated  to be about 40% of the most recently reported annual cost of goods sold.  The contribution margin per unit is smaller by a factor of 20 of the  new product’s fixed cost. How many units must be sold for the new  product line to breakeven? You must show ALL your assumptions and calculations.

5. This assignment needs to be 5-7 pages in total (cover page and reference page/s are not included in this count). Please use APA format in-text citations, has abstract and include reference page.

Professor’s tips:

All companies listed on the stock exchanges are publicly traded and the information you will need can be  found on the company’s website. This includes but is not limited to financial reports, annual reports, and investor reports. Information may be found through other sources as well (such as 10-Q and 10-K reports  for domestic companies). So please use all tools available to you.

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