Work Ethic Lessons

Southern Crescent Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia, located south of Atlanta, delivers relevant technical education, adult education, and learning opportunities via various instructional modalities at the associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels to promote service, workforce development, and economic development. Each work ethic is key to your success as a student and as an employee. After reflecting on the ten work ethics and your progress throughout this course/program, evaluate your work ethic and discuss what steps you will take to continue or improve as a student and employee. 






Read Work Ethic Rubric (See Blackboard, Work Ethic Lessons, Work Ethics Self Evaluation), and watch the videos accompanying each work ethic. In this final discussion (D8) state if you have met/exceeded/not met the expectations for each work ethic item based on the rubric, and give supporting evidence. Use an outline format, listing each heading in bold in the order listed. Full sentences are NOT encouraged. A reply is not needed.

Required format below:

I. Attendance-MET

          A. absent 3 times

          B. always on time

          C. never left class late

II. Character-MET…

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