WK 7 Assignment


Before health care administrators can market any health service or program, they must first consider the target population or audience to whom these services or programs will be marketed. Not surprisingly, cultural beliefs, language, and even cultural history play a major role in informing the types of messages and communications made to market new services and programs.

For this Assignment, reflect on the health care service or program you selected for your Final Project. Consider how cultural sensitivity might inform the marketing of your health care service or program.

The Assignment (1–2 pages)

  1. Explain which elements of your health care services marketing plan are culturally sensitive and appropriate.
  2. Explain how culturally sensitive and appropriate considerations might affect marketing plans and why.

****(My target population for my final project is youths with nutrition matters as they form the economically active population and make the most nutritional mistakes leading to the high cases of obesity in the country)****

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