Wk 6 Assignment

This course was designed to develop skills that will help you be an effective online student and to also help you build a multidisciplinary approach to health. For this Assignment, you reflect on becoming a scholar-practitioner, social change agent, and part of a multidisciplinary field. After reviewing your Learning Resources for this course and completing the StrengthsFinder Assessment, consider the issue you addressed in Week 1 and examine how it can be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective.

As part of this Assignment, you will incorporate the Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment results that you received in Week 4. Reflect upon them and respond to the following questions in your paper.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

  • Explain how your understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the course content has changed or been validated.
  • Explain how the issue you discussed in Week 1 of the course can be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.
  • Expand on your insights utilizing your StrengthsFinder Assessment results

Include proper APA citations and references (see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for assistance).

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