Wk 5, MHA 506: Feedback I

Review feedback from your classmates in regard to your Marketing Mix Strategy – Individual. (see attachment)

Write a 100- to 200-word summary of the feedback you received from your team member, Erika, as well as an explanation of why it did or did not help you refine your marketing mix strategy. 

APA format

Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference

Feedback Response I: Erika Cortez


You did a good job focusing on the breast care service for women and the services that will be provided to them to prevent or detect cancer; however, I felt there was a significant advantage in discussing the Women’s center as a whole and the services the women’s center can provide to the community, allowing ECRH the opportunity to stand from its competitors.

 I like the advantages of the penetration pricing strategy.  The lower prices will call attention to new clients. Still, I am curious that once pricing starts to increase, what would be your marketing strategy to prevent them from leaving and protecting them from a bad brand reputation since the low price of services can lead to patients associating that brand with low-cost or “cheap” tag?

I like the idea of using a consistent message through all promotional elements.  I am curious how this will work?  Is this something that will be emailed to them or generated when they call to make an appointment?  Will this be utilized for all services within ECRH as it’s a great promotion strategy?


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