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Miguel Serratos

9:11 AM


Unfortunately, I would like to discuss the Department of Veterans Affairs Health System (VA). For years they have been getting bad branding and since I am a veteran I can see why, first hand. One of the reasons is that alot of people that work in the system seems like they do not like the place they work at and lack of internal communication. As a veteran and a patient is very frustrated becuse they always seem to give us the run around when we need answers. It is very hard to get appoitments and they are so quick to cancel them and we get stuck another few months until we get to see our provider. They have been accused of falsifying records, mismanagement of records, and blamed for deaths that could of been preventable. In 2007, the VA was audited by the Inspector General and his findings were that they do not know how to implement their policies and procedures. The sad part is that it is not like they do not have money since they are funded by the government. It is just that they do not know how to use it properly and that can lead to fraud, waste, and abuse. It is very sad to see older veterans waiting for hours to be seen just because the staff does not know how to manage their schedule properly and they know they are not going to get fired so they really do not care. I had an appointment a month ago and I was waiting already 30 minutes passed my scheduled appointment. So I asked the receptionist how long were they running late and her answer was so unprofesional that I could not believe she had said that to me. Her answer to my question was that this was the normal, they always run late over 30 minutes. My first thought was first that is not what you should have said to a patient, second who is running this show since it seems there is a problem with the schedule, and third why do they even tell people to be there 15 minutes early if they are always late.



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