Wk 4, MHA 543: DR 1

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Dr. Jennifer Haddad Connell

7 hours ago, at 8:58 AM

Hello Everyone:

I think that when we deal with multi-generations in the work force, communication is key. In health care, patient care is affected by how well (or not) that we as employees communicate with each other as well as our outside contractors and vendors.

I’m thinking about the electronic health record (EHR) and wondering what some of you may be doing, if you continue to have paper communication along with computerization how do you merge the two? Another consideration I’d like to address is: how do you know what tech communications are available that you may not have considered. For example I recently learned about an app we can use through our payroll system that will send alerts to employees’ phones once the app is downloaded. My business manager and I are working on the specifics now, and will be rolling out communication possibilities soon.

Class: What are some tech supported communication tools that you use? Please share.

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