Wk 4, HCS 370: DR 1

Substantive response. Please further conversation. End response with a question.

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Sabrina Landry

4:15 PM

There are four types of organizational culture or quadrants that make up organizational culture the first one is called Clan which assist with some type of mentoring, extended family, nurturing and participation, the second one is it Adhocracy which is the dynamic of entrepreneur, the values within the organization and sometimes risk taking, the next one is Hierarchy which has to do with structure coordination, efficiency, stability and control, and the last one is Market which gets the job done and values competition. All these quadrants of organizational culture within health care go hand in hand with one another and helps with the efficiency an organization within the healthcare realm. Organizational culture puts its impact on organizational structure through a design. The culture creates a foundation in which the organizations management team looks over and considers decision making concerning the organizational structure. Organizational structure in health care shows and shares the ways of how individuals think, behave, and feel, it is great to have organizational culture because these are viewed as comprising multiple subcultures which are a wonderful force for change and may initiate improvement within a facility or organization. Organizational culture plays a pivotal and vital role of the success of any health care organization a healthy culture serves as a haven for teamwork and other components that lead to a successful outcome of a facility in satisfied employees. A positive workplace culture is looked at as respect in high levels of employment engagement and in my opinion, I feel that this is needed in every type of organization not only healthcare but any type of place of business. A positive workplace culture also results in lower absenteeism and a low staff turnover which gives a high workplace morale.


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