Wk 3, MHA 505: DR1

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Makayla Eason

10:48 AM

I think the greatest challenges to health care lies in resilience. When I think of the word resilience , “bouncing back or recovering” comes to mind. According to the text resilience is a measure of a systems ability to survive and persist within a variable environment (Meadows, 2008, Chapter 3).

What makes resilience challenging in health care entities is that they must be ready to prepare, respond and implement change when sudden disruptions occur. This requires a lot of planning and framework. Resilient systems go through highs and lows, oscillation and even outbreaks and for some it is even the normal condition but during this time is where resilience actively works to start restoring. 

In some cases, it may also be difficult to notice the resilience because it’s not measurable by something you can see like static stability, which is measured by deviations weekly or yearly. As a result of that organizations often sacrifice resilience for stability, productivity, or another recognizable systems . (Meadows, 2008, Chapter 3).


Meadows, D. (2008). Thinking in Systems. https://bibliu.com/app/#/view/books/9781603581486/epub/OEBPS/xhtml/chapter3.html#page_73.

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