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Dennis Mullica

8/25/20, 3:41 PM

Groupthink is described by Stagnor (2016) as, “a process that occurs when a group makes poor decisions as a result of a flawed process and strong pressure for conformity” (p.198). Groupthink changes outcomes based on peer pressure and depending on the topic, can create more problems for the people these decisions are affecting, and the group making the decisions. Political motivation creates a strong presence of groupthink when members are convinced to support new bills based on pressure to keep each party united. Some antecedent occurrences in the above example are when a strong debate occurs along party guidelines, such as healthcare in America, and to win support now one party tries to overwhelmingly support extreme measures for mostly political gains. The outcomes in these situations will often create a divide in leadership and contribute to community suffering. The groupthink process and outcomes are not always bad, a poor individual leader, that is narrow minded or has a personal agenda, can be overturned by a positive groupthink in the majority that will help promote change; however, the method of groupthink is more of an unethical practice. People that make up a group of leaders should feel comfortable in their decision and also feel that that they can voice opposition if necessary. The group could try to prevent groupthink by using better methods of communication and practice some humility at times to better understand how these decisions will affect others. 

Stagnor, Charles (2016). Social Groups in Action and Interaction (2nd Ed.) Florence, KY: Taylor & Francis. 

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