WK 3, HCS 577: DR 1

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Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference

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Dr. Debbie Laughon

9/25/22 7:17 AM 

Hi Class, cost is not as well understood in healthcare because of the historical focus in charges. Because of the way insurance used to be a percent of charges, the actual cost of an item was not actual. Regulation has forced organizations to recalibrate this process to be more realistic. It was a significant change of operations. Now when a new procedure is implemented, the organization must outline what each part will cost as a part of establishing a charge. Organizations also can’t charge for everything, i.e. bath basins. Where might an insurance company focus on cost? Examples like robotics procedures may be more expensive cost due to technology, yet the complications of the procedure and blood loss are less. It is hard to calculate if the additional cost are worth the impact for the patient. Your thoughts?

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