Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 separate (350 WC)

Power and Influence

The Yukl (2013) text contains important information about power and influence within an organization. Employees often associate power in a negative light, especially when their leader exerts power to force changes within a team or company. However, leaders can also utilize power to benefit the organization. Share an example from the popular press about a time when an organizational leader used power and influence for the good. How did this leader’s actions impact morale and performance within the workforce? In your discussion, also share why you believe that individuals often associate power with negativity, and brainstorm some key steps that leaders can take to minimize this association.

Discussion 2

Leading Change

Individuals can serve as leaders without officially holding a leadership title. Share an example of a time when you inspired change among your peers or within your organization. Were you in a formal leadership position, or did you simply apply leadership skills to influence others? Review the required articles on leading change for the week [e.g., Anderson & Anderson (2009); Carter & Carmichael (2009)] and compare your actions to the best practices shared within the readings. Then, discuss whether or not you would act differently, if faced with a similar situation, based on your understanding of these best practices. 

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