Week 15

Subject: Physical Security – physical security compliance measure (need 2 copies of answers)

Question 1: Choose one applicable physical security compliance measure and discussion is regulatory implications.

You must use at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article properly cited in APA format.

Subject: Enterprise Risk Management  (need 2 copies of answers)

Question 2: Write a 400 word essay (APA format & 2 latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words)

Chapters 30, 31, and 34 (refer attached Chapter_30_31_34(1).pdf) presented three mini-case studies on ERM and risk. Each one presented a slightly different risk scenario. Suppose General Motors wants to replace one of their traditional lines of vehicles with all electric models. How could GM use game theory to identify and assess the major risks to this decision? Identify two major risks that would result from GM converting an existing line to an all-electric line. Provide a brief discussion of each risk, and your assessment of the levels of inherent, current, and residual risk, using GM’s five point scale.

Question3: (3 page – excluding title and reference page) (need 2 copies of answers)

write a research paper that explains how Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) empowers organizations to both to avoid loss and capitalize on opportunity. You must provide specific examples. 

Remember to cite at least TWO scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  

Intext citations must and All citations should be in APA format.

Subject: Information Governance (need 2 copies of answers)

Question 4: Write a 350 word essay (APA format & 2 latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words) on this weeks (refer chapter 15 in attached text book Wiley CIO) topics and your understanding. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, comments and / or questions concerning Week 14’s lecture.

Subject: Information Technology in Global Economy

Question 5: 400 word Essay (use only last 3 years journal article references)

Figure 9.1 (refer attached) shows the six stages of process development.  Can you explain the six and how they can apply to your daily life?  Additionally, there is a dotted line between Policy evaluation and production identification, Policy evaluation and Policy implement, and Policy evaluation and Policy formulation.  Can you explain this line and why they are important?

Remember to cite at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article.  

All citations should be in APA format.

Question 6: final portfolio project (6 page -excluding title and reference page)

The final portfolio project is a three- part activity. You will respond to three separate prompts but prepare your paper as one research paper. Be sure to include at least one UC library source per prompt, in addition to your textbook (refer the bottom list for text book references). 

Start your paper with an introductory paragraph.

Prompt 1 “Blockchain” (2-3 pages): Explain the major components of blockchain. Be sure to include how blockchain is affecting a global economy and how you see it growing in the future. 

Prompt 2 “Big Data” (1-2 pages): Describe your understanding of big data and give an example of how you’ve seen big data used either personally or professionally. In your view, what demands is big data placing on organizations and data management technology?  How does big data affect a global economy.

Prompt 3 “Government and Policies” (1-2 pages):  Discuss the role government plays in a global economy.  Also, look at what policies are currently in place and then discuss what policies should be put in place.

Required Textbooks for reference:

· Bashir, I. (2017). Mastering Blockchain. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing. (UC Library)

· Kressel, H., & Lento, T. V. (2012). Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy : Engine for Economic Growth. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. (Included through library subscription)

· Medina, C. (2016). Federal Cybersecurity : Strategy and Implementation for Research and Development. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (Included through library subscription)

· Olsen, S., & National Academy of Engineering (U.S.). (2011). Global Technology : Changes and Implications: Summary of a Forum. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press. (UC Library)

To find these books, go to the UCLibrary (https://www.ucumberlands.edu/library) and click “databases” then select the ‘EBSCO eBook Collection (All)’ and click GO then type in the name of the book. 

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