Unit 8 Written Assignment

Please select ‘one’ movie or documentary that addresses the issues of human development that have been outlined during the first four weeks of class. As a reminder, the infancy through middle childhood development stage(s) [Genetic counseling/testing; capital punishment/discipline; Theories of development:Piaget and Vygotsky; Existential Intervention Strategies; Childrearing Practices and Beliefs] have been discussed.

You may choose to focus on characteristics specific to one of these stages and the impact that various events have on development. You might consider selecting a movie/documentary that portray characters as adults, yet provide early information such that you are able to speculate about how early development has impacted their development in adulthood.

  • Address the major developmental issues, theories or concepts depicted in the movie/documentary. Choose one “area” however, to concentrate on in your analysis. For example, you may want to focus on Erikson’s Theory of Socio-emotional Development.
  • Analyze the character(s) stage(s) of socio-emotional development and impact on the plight of the character presented. You should use the course textbook to assist in your analysis as well as three empirical articles from professional journals.
  • Please include a brief summary of the movie/documentary; as this assignment is not meant to be a detailed “storyline analysis.” You should not use any websites as a source of information. I would like you to rely on academic databases to conduct your research (i.e., PsychInfo).

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