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Strategic Risk Management


Please don’t read more into this assignment than is necessary.  A Wiki is a non-formatted, casual conversation with your classmates with the goal of sharing/collaborating on any topic that is chosen/listed for the Wiki.  A Wiki is more of a discussion. A Wiki is not a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation with any of the same strict requirements.  It is more of a casual discussion board type format with a common focus of interest.

Definition of Wiki: A wiki is a collection of collaboratively authored web documents. Basically, a wiki page is a web page everyone in your class can create together, right in the browser, without needing to know HTML. A wiki starts with one front page. Each author can add other pages to the wiki by simply creating a link to a page that doesn’t exist yet.

There aren’t any restrictions or requirements on Wiki entries concerning how long/ short a Wiki entry should be in terms of number of words.

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