Resume Assigment


Assignment Details: 

Your Resume gets you on the list for an interview. It speaks for you when you are not there. It is essential to put your best foot forward. For this assignment you will develop your personal resume.

Part One:

Use or any other job search engine to find a current job opening in the field you aspire to enter OR find a listing for an internship you would like to apply to within the next year. Print out the job opening to submit with your resume.

Part Two:

Research the company to which you are applying. You can search their website and/or their Facebook page. Determine their corporate values. Identify what you like about the company and most importantly what you can bring to the table- in other words, Why You?

Part Three:

Submit the following:

  • A one page statement addressing 
    • Your overall impression of the company and why you are interested in that particular opening.
    • How does this job description match your 5 year vision?
    • Support your selection of a) resume format, b) content you chose to include.
    • Identify your resume’s weak points. Generate at least 2 ways you plan to address those weak points in the coming year.
  • Your Resume that follows the formats presented in the lecture materials. 

Please remember that resume speaks for you in your absence. You want to put your best foot forward so pay close attention to formatting, spelling and content!   

Related Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the components of a resume.
  • Identify the Do’s and Dont’s of resume writing.
  • Identify ways to tailor your resumes to your particular career path.
  • Create a professional resume best suited to a new professional.

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