research paper


  1. Essay:A three-page double-spaced typed essayis required for the country that you select and research. In this essay, you will want to expound on the significance of what you have uncovered in your research to the country and tourism. Submit a WORD DOCUMENT- in a formal, 3 page typed essay format, minimum 900 words. 

This essay is not an itinerary.It is a complete research of one country and all it has to offer. The information from your fact sheets and research documents should form the foundation for your essay. Some key points to include in your essay are:

  • What prompted you to select this country
  • Native peoples
  • Cultural highlights including language and customs
  • Key points of interest
  • Tourism
  • Economy
  • Examples of air fares, hotel information, dining
  • How has your research shaped your understanding of this destination?

Note: The essay must be written in first person, using “I” statements as we are interested in what you found and recommend.   (400 points for this section)

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