Research paper 4-5

LA 130- Research Paper​FALL 2020​Prof. Siciliano

Who is the most courageous person in US History (1492- 1865)?

COURAGEOUS: not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

For your paper you will be selecting and then defending the person that you think is the most courageous in US History in the time frame listed above.

You must select a historical figure from the time frame above and have that person approved by Prof. Siciliano

Research Paper criteria:

**BACKGROUND on your historical figure including important historical events

** STORYTELLING: Include fun and interesting facts about your historical figure. What makes them human and relatable? 

**DEFEND why your historical figure is the MOST COURAGEOUS in US History? How does your figure embrace courage and the American spirit?

** OPINION: state your personal opinion and reflect on why you think this person should go down in history as the most courageous person in US History


APA FORMAT: Including title page, abstract, reference page IN-TEXT CITATIONS ARE A MUST!

3-4 Sources Minimum

4-5 Pages of text (not including title page, abstract or reference page)

12 Font, New Times Roman, DOUBLE SPACED, 1 inch margins

Papers must be turned in on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25th via drop box in blackboard

Late papers will lose 10 points

Possible Topic Ideas:

Christopher Columbus

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark


John Smith

Robert E. Lee

Thomas Paine

John Brown

Frederick Douglass

Susan B. Anthony


Andrew Jackson


Sojourner Truth

William Penn

Clara Barton

Daniel Boone

Nat Turner

William Bradford

Abraham Lincoln

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