Research Methods in Health Care Discussion topic 3

1.Describe the theory/model relevant to the identified area of need for your grant proposal (using Theory at a Glance document)

To assist you identify a theory/model give thought to the following question(s):

  •  What is the emphasis of our project for which you are seeking funding?
  •  Is the project to change behavior?
  • To provide information?
  • If the individuals do not change their behavior what will be the negative health outcome?
  • Do they feel susceptible to the negative outcome if they do not change their behavior or adopt the new behavior?
  • Are they ready to change their behavior, or thinking about changing their behavior?

2.Write a theoretical perspective section for your research proposal following the script in Chapter 3 p. 59 #4

*Include the script (assignment question 2 Creswell p.59 #4) in Section1 of the grant proposal.

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