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Peer 1

These last two weeks have been great for me. I have learnt quite a lot as now I have gotten deeper into the community, interacting more with the local people and getting to better understand some of the major issues that are affecting them. While I am working on obesity in children, I am getting to be more exposed on other community problems that relate to the obesity. A major issues that has come up over the last two weeks has been diabetes especially in the older people. I have been interacting with those working in the health care sector and that issue is always coming up in the community. a major trend that I see is that a bigger number of those that have diabetes tend to also be struggling with weight and have been since their teenage year. Even without deep data to better make a conclusion there appears to be a link between diabetes and childhood obesity. In healthy people 2020 website, diabetes is noted to be a major health problem and among the top 10 causes of death in the country. It is also among the most expensive health problem to manage in the country with $254 billion being spent in its management in 2012 (ODPHP, n.d.). It clearly shows that my community needs to do a lot more to address the problem. Studies in the areas also appear to support the problem and calls for more action to combat it.

There are a few things that I learned. One is that the people that have a good understanding of the health issues tend to be more attentive to taking the better decisions to protect themselves and to reduce chances of making the condition worse. They are also better at managing it. Therefore, I still think a major tool that needs to be used in helping these communities to better handle their health problems remains information. From my experience, I think we should have better plans of having a more detailed health education plan up to high school level. A big number of the people in the community have studied up to the high school level. if there is more aggressive approach to health education especially in the major non-communicable diseases, then we can create a country where a large pool of people can act as the first barrier to the problem. Seeing how effective education can be at the small scale, I am convinced that if applied on the large scale then we would create a healthier nation with reduced cases of many of these diseases.

This approach also matches the framework pillars of the university and especially holism. Educating the masses on health will mean that it is not just their body that we take care when one is unwell. It promotes proactive approach in provision of the healthcare services and ensures that other aspects especially the emotional state is promoted. These people will be more comfortable in their lives knowing that they are taking the right actions to protect themselves, their families, and the communities where they belong.  


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Peer 2

ln the last week I have been able to visit two women whom at the first meeting one seemed excited for the upcoming holidays. By the second time we visited she was complaining of such pain that she was unable to live her bed. Depression has become a major issue among the elderly. The isolation that has come about in relation to the COVID 19 and all the regulations for safety have in my view increased the level of  depression in an already vulnerable population. At this particular visit the lady with whom we were seeing per the primary care physician, has increased symptoms especially around the holidays. This year so far Halloween trek or treating has been cancelled in this building for the safety of the residents. Aktürk, Ü., Aktürk, S., & Erci, B. (2019), writes how depression with aging can complicate preexisting medical conditions and potentially result in increased mortality. In line with the goal of health people 2020 to improve the health , function and quality of life of  older adults , the hospice team is making Halloween baskets, and following closely with increased symptoms. The lady in this visit had her antidepressants increased . The nurse provided teaching with the caregiver for medication changes and encouraged the use of as needed medication until she starts to feel better .

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