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Topic 1

Review the Healthy People 2020 objectives for the older adult.

  • Of the objectives listed for the older adult, which two do you feel are most important? 
  • Include examples and references to support your response.

Peer 1

In life as we grow older, we age and things start to change in the human body. The Life expectancy has greatly increased. In Healthy People 2020 focuses on how to maintain the aging population to the best possible health. Many older adults as aging occurs acquire a chronic illness. “Chronic conditions can lower quality of life for older adults and contributes to the leading death among this population” (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2020). I feel that one of healthy choice 2020 objectives can strongly prevent this from happening. This was to “Increase the proportion of older adults with reduced physical or cognitive function who engage in light, moderate, or vigorous leisure-time physical activities” (ODPHD, 2020). Many older adults are members of gym. Resistance exercise and strength training, along with weight lifting has many positive effects on the body. It helps the body increase muscle mass, control glycemic, and improves bone density. This added activity in an elderly person can achieve optimum health.

Also working on the med/surg unit as a nurse there was some older patients admitted to the unit from the emergency department with falls.  Another healthy choice objective was less ER visits due to falls. Many times falls are cause from loss of balance and muscle weakness. As the older population increase their needs to remain a balance with physical activities to maintain the strength of the body. “More beneficial effects are an improvement of posture and physical stability, improved flexibility, and mobility capacity, a better cognitive function and lower level of depression” (Ageing, 2013).


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Peer 2

Falls and chronic illnesses are among the many problems that affect the older population. When patients fall, they often have one or two chronic illnesses. Having one of two chronic illnesses implies being on medications to slow the progression of the disease(“Older Adults | Healthy People 2020”, 2020).

When medications are prescribed, there are certain side effects that occur from taking them daily. For instance, cardiac medications that treat heart disease often cause low blood pressure as one of the side effects. If a patient has low blood pressure, there is a high chance of falling. 

Yet, if one is able to eat a balanced diet: 5 – 6 vegetables daily, adhere to a low salt diet, then she or he lowers their chance of getting hypertension which is a chronic disease. By preventing the development of hypertension, we prevent being on hypertension medications, prevent side effects associated with hypertension medications and as a result prevent falls associated with taking such medications (“Older Adults | Healthy People 2020”, 2020)

Falling and having chronic illness reduces one’s quality of life, increase health costs, and prohibits healthy aging. Therefore it is important that we address this correlation of falls and chronic diseases. By addressing this correlation, we can promote healthier aging as defined in the healthy people 2020 goals (“Older Adults | Healthy People 2020”, 2020).


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