rare earth elements




  1. The report must be based on information you gather and summarize. Do not cut and paste any information into the report
  2. The report must have a Cover page that includes the Title and your name and the name of the rare earth element you choose for your report.
  3. The report must be at least three full pages using double line spacing, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, and 12 pitch font size.
  4. The report must address each of these topics:
  5. List the rare earth elements.
  6. Discuss in general where are the minerals are found that contain the rare earth elements.
  7. Describe in general the products in which rare earth elements are used.
  8. Discuss in general any concerns involving rare earth elements such as environmental, political, safety, or availability.
  9. Choose one rare earth element and describe it fully (when discovered, where it is found, cost of the material, and where it is used.
  10. List the sources of your information (web sites, books, etc).

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