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Select a past workplace conflict that has been resolved, favorably or unfavorably. 

Write a report, of at least 1,500 words, using the weekly readings as a guide, that covers the following information about the conflict:

  • Identify and describe in detail the dynamics that fed the conflict.
  • Objectively evaluate the conflict to identify the presenting and underlying causes.
  • Identify at least three opportunities for resolution. 

Support your conclusions using at least two different peer-reviewed sources.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, which includes an introduction, in-text citations, a conclusion and a reference page. All substantive portions, including sub-categories within the body of the paper, must include headings. Please refer to the example of a properly formatted APA paper that is available in the Center for Writing Excellence in the university library.

Refer to the grading rubric posted below for the required items to include when completing your papers.

Submit your assignment.

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