Please describe how COVID-19 has impacted your pathway to graduate study (2500 characters). Prompts that may help you get started but shouldn’t limit your responses are below:

  • Academic: Were you able to interact with your professors? Did you have to leave an academic program stateside or abroad? Did your school require you to move to Pass/Fail systems? Did your GRE (or other academic test) exam get cancelled, delayed? Other academic barriers?
  • Professional: Did you hold a job? Did have to go out and seek new job opportunities? Did you lose a job? Other financial or professional barriers that you faced?
  • Personal: Did you have to move out of a house or dorm? Did you have to cancel travel plans? Did you modify your planned experiences related to healthcare or volunteer opportunities? Did you seek out volunteer opportunities that arose from the crisis? Did you help family members that were affected?

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