Organizational Behavior

Individual Article Analysis Instructions.

    Find an article on line or in a magazine that relates to a text, course topic. Articles about your topic might be found online via Google or Bing, etc. searches. Or in magazines related to human resources, psychology, business management, etc. Most of which can also be found on-line.

   Discuss how the article relates to relevant supporting material from the text, include what the text says, how it supports the article or doesn’t. In other words, how the article supports, contradicts, and/or furthers the text material related to the topic.

   Make a specific conclusion about what the article means. Meaning, what is your opinion of the article’s point?  In other words, is the article’s point or exploring of a technique likely to make managing employees or organization more effective and why? 

   Then, consider an alternative view.  If it’s a negative article, what positive uses/benefits could there be that the article didn’t considered?  Conversely, if a positive article, or basically a review of text topic or management technique, what are the potential risks, possible failures, to be aware of?   In other words, what are the pro and con implications to a manager, or expert in organizational behavior? 

   The paper should not be more than 4 pages long double spaced. Start it with a synopsis of the article, no more than a page. It should summarize the article so that anyone reading your paper, including myself, can understand what the article was about related to a text, course topic. Then complete the paper by following the instructions above.

I have attached the textbook below 

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