Nursing and the aging family week 4 Part two student reply. Dianelis Pons

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 What is the prevalence of pain in older adults? How will you, as a nurse, be more aware of

pain issues related to older adults and what will the nurse incorporate into practice to alleviate these


The issue of the elderly has been presented as the most relevant emerging issue in recent times, especially if it is considered that this population has experienced a notable growth, in response to numerous factors, which have been combined to support a greater hope of lifetime. Social support is a determining factor for the development of the patient care process and has also been analyzed from the field in which it occurs, the affective, cognitive and behavioral level; where the dimensions or sources of emotional, material and informative support are distinguished. The affective plane corresponds to the dimension of emotional support; the behavioral level includes the dimension of tangible, material, or instrumental support, and the cognitive level includes the dimension of informational or strategic support (Health & Medicine, 2016).

The different practice strategies that can be implemented to alleviate any problem is to show the older adult that someone is available, through physical presence to show affection, affection, belonging, through hugs, invitations to walk, to walking around, sending cards, flowers, company in prayers, listening attentively; Other alternative ways of offering support are added such as the use of the internet, telephone calls, which try to alleviate uncertainty, anxiety, isolation and depression; depending on the contextual circumstances, verbal exchanges and physical contact are not always accepted, as there are people who are reluctant to openly express their thoughts and emotions (Rashedi, et. Al, 2017).


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