I appreciated your comment:  “One is able to get a sense of the community after conducting a windshield survey” and your observation that these can invite community participation.  This goes to a grass roots level of involvement and in order to really provide care at a level inclusive of all, one should know the community.  


The windshield survey allows us nurses to record our observations while driving around the community. It provides us the overview of the community by collecting objective data and noticing what we see, smell or hear. We can note any conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the people. Moreover, it can help us gather information about the community’s transportation services, health accessibility, diversity, housing and food costs, and help resources availability (Asjoe, et al, 2017).  Our collected data can guide us through on how we can respond to the needs of the community. The windshield survey also provides us with opportunities to appreciate complex determinants, community strengths and capacities (Asjoe, et al, 2017). And we learn how to appreciate the community as its own. 

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