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  1. Define Business Level Strategy using different scholarly sources. Give, at least, five real life examples of when business level strategies were applied. Every claim must be supported by pieces of scholarly evidences.
  2. Differentiate between business-level strategy, functional-level strategy, and corporate-level strategy
  3. How does IT fit into functional and business level strategies? Make sure every claim is supported by pieces of scholarly evidence.
  4. Give reasons why you agree with the authors that IT involves both functional and business level strategies
  5. Why do you agree or disagree with the authors that there should be a re-theorization of IT strategic nature?
  6. Discuss all theories propounded by the authors. Critique all theories based on concepts and theories learned in class and other pieces of scholarly evidences.
  7. Critique all assumptions made by the authors using pieces of scholarly evidences.
  8. The deliverable of this examination will be an MS-Word APA paper. A rubric for this paper has been attached. You must follow the rubric religiously to receive maximum points.

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