Module 4

Objectives: To articulate how culture is expressed through the values of the individual, community and society within a historical and social context, and to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the influence of literature, philosophy, and the arts on cultural (religious, social/group) experiences.

Assignment: Students will analyze the extensive contents in Module 4 and write a comprehensive Discussion Board 2. What have you learned about cultural and religious values in the Islamic tradition from Module 4? List any 4 values and evaluate these values by comparing them to cultural/religious values that you are familiar with. Your answer must include specific examples and explanations FROM CURRENT NEWS. You must specify locations (places) and dates (historical time periods) as applicable.

The Discussion Board response must list the 4 values (underline the values, please) that you are going to explain and then explain each of the 4 values with examples from current news. 

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