midterm exam


Please select a topic from the below list and create a one-page essay answering the question noted below.  Please use at least one reference and ensure it’s in APA format (as well as the in-text citation).  Also, ensure to NOT COPY DIRECTLY from any source (student or online source), rather rephrase the author’s work and use in-text citations were necessary.

List and briefly describe the process you would take to conduct test the security of a firewall?

How does the management of network security affect its implementation? What components are needed to ensure proper network security management of an environment?

Name two VPN deployment model and architecture? What is the best model/architecture for an on-perm environment, cloud environment, and hybrid environment (on-perm/cloud)?

** Do NOT write an introduction, rather just answer the question noted above **

Note: The essay should be one-page at most (double spaced) and should include an APA cover page and at least two reference (academic or professional literature) in APA v7 format.

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