Learning Strategies – Determining Areas for Improvement and How to Implement Them


1. Make a list of the items in the post-assessment that you answered ‘no’ to. (5 points)

2. Group the items into 4 or 5 categories, e.g., reading textbooks, preparing for exams, taking exams. (5 points)

3. Reflect on the items in each group. Which would you consider adding to your learning strategies to change your original response to ‘yes’? (5 points)

4. Explain why you would like to change your learning in those areas. (5 points)

5. Explain how you plan to go about changing your learning in those areas. (5 points)

Remember to start with the heading (your name, my name, name of course, date)  (1 point)

Accurate grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation (4 points)

TOTAL: 30 points

Example for #3-5:  When I am reading an assignment, I do not pause either at the end of a paragraph or the end of a page to think about what I have read. I think that I should start doing that, though, because it would give me an opportunity to check to see what I have learned. If I can paraphrase the main idea of the paragraph in my own words, that would help me to grasp the content better and remember it for a longer period of time. To do this, however, I am going to have to allow myself more time to read a chapter in the textbook. It might even help to write down my paraphrase so that I can use it when it comes time to study for an exam.

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