Integrative essay #1


Please compose a 4-5-page essay responding to one of the two essay prompts below, drawing on course themes, lectures, films, and readings. Be sure to cite specific concepts, ideas, quotations, and examples in building your arguments. The best essays will reference key readings and ideas while demonstrating original thinking in answering the questions. Your grade will be based on:

  1. (40 points) – The extent to which the response demonstrates an understanding of key ideas and concepts and engages with these ideas/concepts thoughtfully and thoroughly
  2. (40 points) – The depth of the analysis, including reference to specific citations and examples and attention to the connections between materials
  3. (20 points) – The overall quality of the work, including evidence of effort, logic and reasoning, and conformity to the formatting guidelines

Essay Prompts:

  1. How have processes of globalization transformed national cultures/identities, national politics, and national economies, creating what scholars have called a “crisis of citizenship” (Castles and Davidson 2000)? At the same time, how has globalization given rise to new movements of nationalism aiming to direct attention back toward national cultures/identities, politics, and economies?

Formatting guidelines:

Please use 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, with page numbers, a title, and one-inch margins all around.  Please also indicate which essay prompt you have chosen (1 or 2).  You may use any citation style you wish as long as you’re consistent.  You should be able to complete the essay in 4-5 pages.  PDF format is encouraged, but Word files and other common formats will also be accepted.

This assignment will be due online on Friday, October 2nd by 5:00 PM, uploaded to Canvas.

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