Implementing Change Paper


In order for managers to respond effectively to environmental or organizational pressures that can be disruptive to an organization, they must implement clear intervention strategies. In a 1,000-1250 word paper, propose a change plan to respond to what the health/hospital industry has suffered environmental and organizational pressure a lot. Things to figure out such as the number of patients that will be needing ICU care, the safety of the facility and the faculty that work there to the cutting back of non-emergency care that result in consequences financially. The closing and limited services is an issue that will eventually lead to other created issues such as illnesses and diseases that will not be cared for that will. The impact financially takes a huge toll on paying staff and at the same time making sure staff is taken care of by offering time off which will lead to less staff on duty and offer incentives such as meals, daycare help and financial support while at the same time not being able to give merit increases to those that are essential because of such a large financial impact on the hospital. The change is our new normal of doing a lot of things remotely such as working and, also having appointments and visits that are now virtual. That will decrease money made or workers jobs for in cafeteria’s and for parking.  

In the Paper include the following:

  1. Review the organizational/environmental pressures presented in the above paragraph: Determine the pressure that is most important to address at this time in order to maintain a competitive and viable company. Summarize the pressure and how the organization is currently being affected. Project the outcome for the organization if it fails to address the pressure.
  2. Develop a change vision to respond to the organizational or environmental pressure: The vision must define the organizational change and resonate with the decision making and strategies proposed in the paper. Additionally, the vision must include a cognitive and affective component in order to help stakeholders understand how to achieve the goals, and to inspire and motivate them to engage in the change.
  3. Develop a change model to implement your change vision. Identify the specific steps needed to implement a change and effectively respond to the pressure. Describe a strategy for implementing each step.
  4. Evaluate potential resistance from stakeholders. Discuss the reasons for the resistance, at what point the resistance will likely occur, and some strategies for overcoming the resistance.

 Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

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