Homework help

Hi! How are you? This very short notice I apologize but I need some help with my homework it is due on 07/19/2020 by 11:30 PM. The directions are below and I have also attached the book. 

Create a study aid related to chapter 7 or 8 and share it with the class.  Please be creative with this post.

Can use:

https://jeopardylabs.com/ (Links to an external site.)

– canva.com

– piktochart.com  

– smore.com

– make a google website

– video (like screencastomatic.com) (this means your post a video you created, not one that you found)

– Word

– Draw/Make yourself on paper and post a picture

– Other programs that make infographics

Title: Chapter ?, topic of study aid

· Your study aid should be helpful to the students in the class as you study for your exam.  Do NOT just restate what is said in the book, like a definition.

· Embed your study aid in the post (so we don’t have to download it), or provide us with the link to your site. If neither is possible then remember to attach your aid to the post.  

· Describe your aid in 100-150 words, and why it’s useful in understanding the concept.  (That’s right, you won’t be held to the 300 words this week).

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