health care administration

Organizational behavior investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within an organization and applies that knowledge to make organizations work more effectively (Robbins & Judge, 2019).

Instructions: Please post your INITIAL POST (answer to questions), which should include a minimum of 120 words per question. The sentences/paragraphs are expected to be informed, well-written, and cited, using APA 7 citation. Please include a statistic or statistics. The responses should be no less than 80 words per response, which is well written, crafted, and thought provoking (thoughtful). Please cite your scholarly source(s) within the paragraph(s). Provide References. 

Please discuss and substantiate the following:

  1. ” Companies with reputations as good places to work have generated superior financial performance.” Explain your answer using informed sources.
  2. Regarding the use of technology, how is customer and competitor behavior monitored and measured? Explain your answer using scholarly sources and citations within the text.

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