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I am in group 2

Group 2: Health Department Supervisor

Role play the supervisor at the health department. The budget is tight and you want to be sure that your Group 1 employees are making the best decision with the limited money. Review the diseases and rationales that were posted by Group 1 employees, and choose at least one to respond to with questions and comments. Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic with a Group 1 employee: What is the quality of the data to support putting the money towards this area? Did the Group 1 employee seem to understand the topic and present a reasonable argument for the choice? What questions do you have for the Group 1 employee that would help you make a decision as to whether their choice is the right fit for a limited budget? Your goal is to challenge your Group 1 colleagues to provide clear, accurate, and useful information that they can support.

Group 1: Health Department Employee

You work in a health department, and you have been given some resources to allocate to one chronic disease. You need to decide which chronic disease is best to focus on, and why. Role play the employee and explain to the Group 1 supervisors which disease you have chosen and what aspect of that disease you will target for prevention or control, and why. Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic with a Group 2 supervisor: What are the best data sources to use for your own understanding of the disease? What is the most effective data to support your choice to your supervisor? Did you consider how one chronic disease may affect another? How can you focus in on a broad topic and assure your target population for this disease can get the most benefit from the limited resources? Did you clearly answer the Group 2 supervisor’s questions? Your goal is to evaluate the sources available, make a supportable choice, accurately interpret the data from those sources, recognize the various challenges in “doing more with less,” and provide clear and accurate information that you can validate.

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