Global Strategy and Organizational design.

Question I – Multinational enterprises (MNEs) have an impact far beyond their firm boundaries. Assume you are working for a small firm that supplies a product or service to an MNE. How might your relationship change as the MNE moves from Globalization 2.0 to Globalization 3.0 operations?

Question II – When a player hears the message as “any action will be tolerated as long as you are winning,” there can be serious consequences on and off the field. How could leaders of sports organizations communicate the will to win and develop the necessary skills while maintaining ethical behavior? Think of examples of coaches who coaxed players to play by the rules and maintain high personal ethical standards. What other socialization experiences could a coach use? What is the role of team leaders in encouraging high ethical standards while building the desire to win?

Should be more than 2 pages APA. 

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