Film review psychology

1. Select one movie from the list below:

Shutter Island (2010; Mystery, Thriller; Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo

2. Watch the film you have selected as a psychology student and not merely as an ordinary film viewer (it is suggested that you watch the selected film multiple times).

3. Provide your own summary of the film, using psychological terms and concepts that you have learned in class and from your textbook. State clearly the psychological disorder you have seen portrayed in the film you have chosen, using DSM criteria/language. You should explain the psychological disorder portrayed in the movie. Determine and evaluate if the disorder identified in the film is accurate according to your textbook and other resource materials. Provide evidence using actual behaviors seen in the film. Is the depiction of the psychological disorder in the film accurate or not? Give evidence to support your claims using observable behaviors from the movie.

4. Based on the information from the film, determine what clinical diagnosis (or diagnoses) a character from the movie most likely has/have (can be the main character or supporting characters). Use criteria provided by the DSM-5 and provide an evidence-based diagnosis/diagnoses of the person. You will need to justify their diagnoses by demonstrating how the character’s symptoms meet some or all the criteria outlined in the DSM-5 as evidence of your diagnosis/diagnoses. Everything that you assert should be supported by evidence.

7. Be sure to use APA format using the latest edition of the APA Manual (7th edition).

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