Ethica and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice Assigment


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  1. Topic-Autonomy

    ********** INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT***********

    • Imagine that a nurse is pressed for time in a hospital setting. What are some of the ways he or she can maintain efficiency while still respecting the autonomy of patients? What ethical conflicts are raised in this setting and how can a nurse ethically respond?
    • Identify a circumstance in which you think a nurse must prioritize autonomy over a different value of nursing. Why is autonomy so important in this situation and how can you justify its prioritization from the point of view of ethics?
    • Requirements:

      Word Count—Minimum 1500-1800 words
      References—Minimum 3 peer reviewed references, the oldest being no more than 5 years old.

      *********APA FORMAT IS REQUIRED **************

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