Essay (one – two pages)

All students are required to choose between one of the following two essay options. We are assessing your knowledge of course materials for weeks 1 to 5 (lectures, readings, media).  You are expected to use as many readings as possible to support your answers. Students are expected to use quotes from two different readings for the whole two-page answer (no more than two quotes for the two pages). Do not use reading materials that were not assigned in the class.

Answers should be approximately one to two pages long (double space, 12-point font and 1-inch margins) and include a separate bibliography.   The paper cannot exceed two pages (this does not include the bibliography).  Citations and referencing should use standard formats (e.g. MLA or APA).[1]  Please submit only in MS Word or PDF file formats(not Pages or Google Docs).

Due Sunday, November 15 at 7:00 p.m. through Canvas. All assignments are processed through Turnitin for plagiarism. Cases of plagiarism will be referred to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Your answers must be written in a standard essay format consisting of a short introduction with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay must address the three parts (a-c) of the general prompt. Good luck!

Essay Option 1: Segregating People in Urban Space 

1a. What were the principal forces causing cities to segregate by race and social class over the 20th century?  

1b. How did suburbanization exacerbate segregation?  

1c. How did stigmatized and spatially segregated people (e.g. people of color, gays and lesbians,…) develop their own groups and communities within cities?


Essay Option 2: New Inequalities in Cities

2a. How has globalization changed inequalities in cities?

2b.  According to Edward Soja, cities have experienced dramatic changes from the 1990s onwards. What are these specific changes?

2c. How are these new and increasingly unequal cities governed?



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