Essay On Smart phones and suicide



Please note, this is not a high school report in which you regurgitate facts from a source; rather, you will engage in a lively and logical discourse.

Because this essay is considerably longer (1500 words) than your earlier essays, it will count for twice as much. In other words, I will double the grade you receive.  

Your thesis paragraph will contain the underlined and labeled claim (thesis statement) you’ll support, as well as the reasons you’ll develop in the body of your essay. Avoid the funnel approach. Do not have any secondary sources or concession/refutation (counter argument) in this paragraph.

If you need to define terminology or provide background information, do it in the second paragraph.

Your body paragraphs will contain one underlined and labeled example of logos, ethos, pathos, and concession/refutation. You may have more than one of these strategies, but you don’t have to underline them. These terms are defined in Patterns. See index for page numbers. 

You need at least four written secondary sources. In addition, you may include interviews and surveys. You may use the Internet, but beware of unreliable sources. When doing online research, first try using electronic sources available through the college. If you decide to go to the Web, try to use only educational sites (.edu), government sites (.gov.), or sites of major news and business organizations (.org). You must refer to your sources in the body of the essay using MLA parenthetical documentation. Do not cite a dictionary, encyclopedia, or Wikipedia. 

Your concluding paragraph will contain, at least, a restatement of the thesis and the arguments you’ve used to support it. In addition, you may want to place your argument in a larger context by showing why this issue is an important one or by calling for action.

The paper needs to be at least 1500 words. Avoid first and second person pronouns unless you include a personal anecdote in which case you can use first person. 

You need a creative, pertinent title.

You need a Works Cited page of those sources referred to in the body. 

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