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write a 600 word essay

1.  Evaluation is all about determining the quality of your subject—in this case, a literary text. For this journal, you’ll write a brief review of your chosen story or play. In other words, you’ll explain whether the text is good or bad or somewhere in between. The criteria upon which you’re basing your evaluation must be clear, as should your explanation of the text’s content and purpose and/or meaning and a clear thesis.

2. This book related to this essay is the Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman. The essay is about evaluating this text. Evaluation requires analysis and synthesis, but it goes a step further: it seeks to explain whether something is good or bad, right or wrong, significant or insignificant—and just as importantly, why.

3.Whatever the case, your job is to explain how the information about the book helps us better understand the text’s meaning.

4. All information from these sources must be integrated according to MLA standards.  

5. make sure to include a short summary of the book in the text.

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