English 2-9


Paper #2: Frankenstein

1) Essay

Topic:  Monsters are created, not born.

Write 4 pages essay, using size 12, Times New Roman font, and must follow MLA format. The essay should include an introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. 

The paper must be argumentative; therefore, you must argue your stance about an issue, theme, motif, etc., that is present in Frankenstein. In other words, this is not a critique, so you cannot argue why or why not the story is good or bad. 

Remember, the focus of this paper should be the novel, Frankenstein, so you must write about how this topic is derived from the novel, and you should definitely use proof from the novel to support your argument.

Because this is a synthesis paper, you must use the works of scholars to support for argument.  For this paper, you will use ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles as your sources. You will need 3 scholarly journal articles as secondary sources for this paper, correctly citing each source, not only in the text, but in the Works Cited.

2) Worksheet 

After writing the essay answer the self-evaluation worksheet. Attached below.

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