Easy own words, APA with citations

  • Read the Starbucks case study. This case study uses Porter’s Value Chain and Five Forces models and a SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities) analysis to develop strategic recommendations (review videos posted in week 1). 
  • On page 7 of the Starbucks case study there are 10 recommendations. Choose 3 of the recommendations and identify how IT could be used as part of the implementation of that recommendation.
  • Research in the library how other companies have done something similar for each of your 3 recommendations.
  • Your paper should be at least 3 pages, not counting the title and reference pages. The paper must include at least 3 references from peer-reviewed articles in academic journals or authoritative sources (include an author and publish date).
  • Make sure you have in-text citations and a reference page. You can include additional references from websites and books. 
  • Quotes should be used minimally and support the view you are presenting in the assignment.


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