Anne Kolsky    3 posts   Re: Topic 9 DQ 1  Professional Presentations  Strength: I may not be the most detail-oriented writer or person in general, my writing strengths appeal more to the lay person than the technical side. I can convey messages well to those who do not understand the “nursing side” of nursing. In other words, if I were to be on a team of professionals seeking to make changes together, I would be put on the committee that sends out the messages to the community. Although I can convey my messages in print well, I struggle with speaking coherently. Joining toastmasters or taking classes that can improve my communication to all audiences would be beneficial.  Weakness: Conversely, my attention to details are not my strength, as evidenced by the inability to pick up mistakes in citations, etc. I could be employed to find the research, but probably not chosen to be the editor. Taking classes, attending journal clubs, and other similar activities could help me improve on the technical side.  Evidence-based practice for strong leadership includes role modeling and demonstrating strong commitment to research, developing skills through staff opportunities, meeting performance appraisal expectations, policy making based on solid research, encouraging others to do their best for the patients and each other, willingness to change policies and practices based on solid evidence, demonstrate transformational leadership based on openness to listen and implement based on true needs and evidence, and encourage the entire community to research and inquire how to do things better which is no easy task as it is often perceived as “more work piled on” for those who are already maxed out. Leaders will work with administration to figure out a way to encourage this without making it a burden (Halm, 2010).  Halm MA. (2010). “Inside looking in” or “inside looking out”? How leaders shape cultures equipped for evidence-based practice. American Journal of   Critical Care, 19(4), 375–378. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.4037/ajcc2010627

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