Following the topic of the doc attached 

A type of work that follows a similar research process is creating a documentary. After stating your topic, please provide a description of how you could turn your Es…. III into plans for a documentary (a film version of your es..).

The goal is to support your proposed solution:

  • Some aspects to consider in your documentary description: What would you film? Would you interview any of the experts? What scenes would you film? Music? Narrator? What stories or evidence would you include?  Would it be a short film? A reenactment? How would you open the film?

Feel free to be creative with your plan!

Length recommendation: 1 page

 should be submitted as a Word document in MLA format.

Learning Outcome:s

  • Apply conventions aligned to varied writing situations.
  • Apply grammatical and mechanical standards consistent with the norms of a given writing context.

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