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Discuss the difference between latches and flip-flops:

The biggest difference I took away from latches vs. flip-flops, is  that a latch does NOT have a clock signal, but a flip flop will always  have a clock signal. Another difference between the two is that latches  are “asynchronous” and flip-flops are just synchronous.  (dept-info.labri.fr) This means that for a latch, when an input signal  is received, the output signal changes very soon after. Flip-flops being  synchronous however, means that when the input changes, then the output  changes as well simultaneously, acting as if it were on a “clock  signal” Flip-flops are very much the same as a “relay” in the sense that  when a relay changes, all signals on one side flop down, making contact  to all signals on the other side, so that all signals make contact  simultaneously. 

Discuss the applications of flip-flops:

One great example of flip-flops is a register at a store. A register  holds data inputted into it by a cashier. Say you load a set amount of  cash in the register for the day to give change to customers, well as  you set the initial “amount” the register stores that data, in a form of  binary 1’s and 0’s. Well when that register gets new money into it,  there are flip flops in the circuitry internal to the register that  detect that data you are inputting into the register and they  automatically flip or flop over at the same time in order to transmit  that certain response back to the cashier. 

Another great example of this is RAM. RAM is used in computers and  different types of information processing systems. Well, flip flops can  be used to read and write memories (RAM) that were created by that  information processing system, or computer, and deliver the data when  needed when it is being requested. 


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