Computer Science Week 6 Assignment




  • Complete the assignment in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading.
  • When assigning a name to your document, use the following format: Lastname-Assignment#.
  • Make sure to include a title page (with your name and date) and a reference page (with your sources).
  • Double-space paper, 1-inch margins, 12-point font.
  • When submitting the paper, it will automatically be processed through Turnitin for review.
  • This assignment is due by 2355 EST on Sunday.
  • Use examples from the readings, lecture notes, and outside research to support your answers. Use high-quality sources (no Wikis, blogs, or anonymously authored articles). Be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source material. Answer the below questions (250 words for each question):

    1. (250 words + 1 reputable source)
    Read Chapter 10. Immunomedics was alerted that there was some negative buzz about the company in a chat room. The poster used a pseudonym, and therefore the company was unable to identify the poster for lawsuit purposes. The only information the company could ascertain was the poster’s ISP. So the company decided to subpoena the ISP for identity information of the poster in order to file suit against the poster. How should the courts handle these cases, where the company’s complaints may, or may not rise to the level of an actionable legal claim? (Hint: Read the case Intel v. Hamidi)

    2. (250 words + 1 reputable source)
    Read Chapter 11. On Question #5, Page 362, answer the following questions: Should Craigslist be subject to liability for FHA violations? Why or why not? Cite appropriate legal principles when explaining your answer.

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