computer architecture (TOPIC Synchronous DRAM)

you are required to do a term research paper (or a project) and presentation, each presentation is about 10 minutes long. Your task is to search and select a relatively new research topic or project (list of suggested topics below), you can also search and select recent research related to computer Architecture from one of the conferences and journals. 


  1. Review research paper of the main topic selected with at least
  2. 3 relevant research papers as references. Use APA style, Minimum is 5 pages including the cover page and the reference page. (SafeAssign Enabled). If you select a project then the source code along with the documentation will be required. You can select either a review research paper or a Project but not both: Due Week 14
  3. Summary presentation using PPT or Prezzi or any other presentation software: Due Week 14

4. Online Presentation, 10 min per group, if you can’t make an online live presentation, you can record a video and submit it: Due Week 14

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